Depression Counseling

Depression can hold a huge taboo for some. There can be a stigma attached to needing or asking for depression help as if somehow we should suffer alone or seek solace in unhelpful habits or addictions. Depression may be sometimes so medicalized that the person inside experiencing this gets overlooked. We can all get depressed from time to time, and when we are, nothing can feel worse than someone telling us to cheer up putting pressure on us to always stay positive, change our attitude, keep busy, start living, or that we should be grateful.

Sometimes before we can get in touch with the things that support our happiness, wellbeing flexibility, and we may need to let our depression pass. Fragile human beings that we are, we are all susceptible and vulnerable to depression. Each person has a set of reactions impacting their spirits and we may be seeking depression support. It can seem as if layers and waves of depression come upon us and for others be more like a constant companion with little respite. It can be as if we are surrounded by a fog of feeling blue or feeling nothing.

Our depression can cast a long shadow over us and can be like a big weight on our shoulders. We can feel utterly alone, blame ourselves, and unable to receive comfort from others or comfort our self. Some people have tried to cure depression on the surface, yet underlying issues may remain. At Open Door Counselling Services, we are interested in understanding, exploring with you what you are experiencing, and how it’s like for you. Alongside supporting you in finding, facilitating your own way through your depression – others have tried and tested. Book now and see results.

Some Of The Points Below Are What Contributes to Depression

  • We aren’t excited
  • We haven’t anyone to share it with or we have based our happiness on our partner or the relationship
  • The outcome we want is not achieved
  • We don’t have it all
  • We may have failed a something, that happiness if found somewhere outside of ourselves.
  • We may have pain, hurt, suffering in our life
  • There are adversities, pitfalls in our life
  • Something bad is happening in our life and everything is not how we want it right now
  • Someone around us is in a bad mood or they don’t acknowledge our happiness
  • Someone close to us has died, or something precious we really valued (a possession, belief) has been lost
  • We let go, because others (or indeed us) critically judge us
  • We haven’t earned or manufactured our happiness
  • We have forgotten or don’t know how to be happy anymore
  • We are not stimulated, on a high or must get our happiness from outside
  • Our happiness is not a permanent state, and struggle to cope in its absence
  • We adversely compare current experiences of happiness, contentment with the past ones.
  • We haven’t got wealth, fortune, success
  • We haven’t done it by now, it is too late, we are too old