Alcohol Addiction Counseling

Our unwanted habit or addiction may temporarily protect us from anguish yet at the same time reinforce our sense of inadequacy. We may try to avoid our anguish, pain or deny our painful feelings, by paying a price for the effects of our unwanted habits or addictions. Deep inside we may experience a sadness that palpably aches, which drives us on, yet deceives us. Beating yourself up, self-hatred at times may be our companion and our forgiveness may be in short supply. ODCS Counselling for addiction helps people to discuss these painful feelings.

Overcoming addiction or an unwanted habit which has become out of control is our concern. We don’t judge people who are into drug or alcohol addition. We give them a helping hand and comfort to slow down/ pause, stop acknowledge, grief and let go and get addiction help with well trained counselors at Open Door Counselling Services. We help change lives by helping people get their lives back.

Our Addictions counselling and psychotherapy counselling helps people who are willing to address, with commitment and honesty, their preoccupation with their out of control habits, cravings, addictions, dependency and compulsions, which interfere with their daily life in such a way that they are overwhelming, excessive or inappropriate. It's not too late.

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